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We are now offering our selection of Teas & Coffees made to order for you  whilst you enjoy the delights of Chester City life from our sister company 'Rows Cafe' convieniently situated next door to our shop you can also use this menu to choose teas and coffees to purchase via mail order - we are adding new products to our buy on line facility however if you see something on the menu you wish to purchase via mail order just give us a call and we will arrange this for you. 

We've created this small and exclusive range of Oolong loose tea blends, each one unique and evocative of a magical location or a special moment in time and history. Beautifully hand packed and labelled, and presented in clear packaging so you can enjoy these teas visually.


£6.95   Per 50g

Unique blend of rare white leaf tips from Taiwan coupled with Oolong Extra Toppiest, a very carefully produced Taiwanes fine tea, to create a beautiful and delicate tea with a lovely Formosa character.  Legend has it that Queen Victoria, when presented with Oolong Extra Toppiest by a British tea merchant, only knowing that the tea was from the far East, called it 'Oriental Beauty”, which has been its common name ever since.

BOLLANDS -  Oriental Beauty VR

Type -

Oolong Tea 

£8.50   Per 50g

To mark the Chinese New Year of the Monkey 2016, this is a colourful blend of Monkey Picked Oolong, golden Chrysanthemum flowers, and sweet goji berries.  A relaxing and calming  infusion with floral and peach flavours. See the video on our facebook page of how this beautiful tea was made.

 Chinese Year Of The Monkey Tea 2016

Type -

Oolong Tea 

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