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Our superior blended breakfast tea, made from the finest Assam, Darjeeling, Ceylon and Orthodox tea, with some second flush. Named in recognition of the year that Bolland & Son were established in the City of Chester, where we have also opened our own tea and coffee store.

Famed throughout the country, Bolland & Son were bestowed the title ' Historic Bride-cake Makers to the Royal Family' after being selected to create the wedding cake for the Prince & Princess of Wales wedding day in 1863

Full and malty flavour with refreshing undertones.

£4.95   Per 100g
BOLLANDS -  1846 Superior Breakfast Tea

Chester Breakfast Tea - we have create the city of Chester first and very own signature breakfast tea using home grown English tea. A medium strong tea, aromatic and refreshing with a subtle sweetness.

£5.50 per £100g

£4.95 Per 100g
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